Wreck on I-20


Lots of people have been asking about the traffic situation on I-20 near Bovina.

The picture to the left tells the story.

Trooper Craig Morton of the Mississippi Highway Patrol called in to our office with information about the accident.

An 18-wheeler traveling west-bound on Interstate 20 near Bovina hit an icy patch on the roadway.  The driver lost control of the vehicle and when the truck came to rest, it was on it’s side in the median of the interstate.

The driver, who remains unidentified, was not injured and was not cited for the accident.

Trooper Morton said he and his colleague worked a number of accidents last evening.

The 18-wheeler – licensed to Walmart – was making scheduled deliveries to area stores and the stock had to be loaded onto another Walmart truck before the overturned vehicle could be uprighted and towed away.

There were some traffic delays on the interstate a little earlier, while that process was taking place.

Our conversations with Trooper Morton, Sheriff Pace and Chief Armstrong (a former member of the MHP) today all ended with words of caution for people traveling on the roadways during the next couple of days.  The rain falling during the day will, often, turn to ice in the overnight hours.  Buckle up, slow down, allow more room to brake, increase your following distance and – most importantly – don’t drink (or text) and drive!

This is Super Bowl Weekend and there will be many people out celebrating the game.  With those celebrations comes the chance of people, who have had too much to drink, traveling the roads.  Please, if you drink, don’t drive.  Take it from someone who has lost a daughter to a drunken driver, it’s just not worth the damage you can cause… to yourself or someone else.

For those of you who had a few too many, there’s a really simple solution.  Program this phone number in your phone.


That’s the number to Rocket TaxiCab.  They are doing the public a terrific service this Sunday evening by providing free emergency rides for those who have celebrated a little too much.

It is best to have a designated driver.  Please drink responsibly.  Let’s work together to make this the safest night of the year!