The TRUE Story of the Warren County Unicorn


You read the title of this article correctly.  This IS a true story.

This mysterious and elusive species – oft described as mythical – has been roaming the world for thousands of years.

“I’ve heard about the existence of unicorns all my life,” said David Childers, a paranormal investigator with TruthSeekers.  “I always thought they were part of fairy tales and legends until about thirteen years ago, when I heard that there was a unicorn roaming the land in Warren County.”

Vicksburg Daily News received a call a couple of months ago with the same report.  This time, the caller, who wishes to remain unidentified, but has a name that sounds like Lindsey Tindoll, was able to report an exact location of this famed creature of legend.

The calls reporting the sighting of the unicorn became more frequent and this seemed like the perfect day to investigate the claim.

Was this just an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank, or was there an actual unicorn here in the Vicksburg area.

VDN owner, Cristy Whittington and her trusty “Girl Friday,” Samantha Cade went on a photo safari, in search of this legendary animal.

They drove to meet our original informant at an undisclosed location that was described as her “house on Choctaw Circle.”  Upon arriving they were met with bright enthusiasm as the informant disclosed details of the unicorn sightings.  The informant eagerly hopped into the VDN owner’s vehicle and started blurting out driving instructions.

Cristy, who trusted Samantha to watch out for her safety with the strange woman in the passenger seat of the vehicle, began driving.  She followed the convoluted instructions from the informant which included driving the entire distance of Nine Mile Cutoff, in an effort to determine what it cuts off; driving by the Old Courthouse Museum which seemed to be a photo opportunity for the informant; a stop at a convenience store so that the informant could say hello to a friend; a stop by her husband’s workplace to see the progress he’s making on a project; a trip to the overlook near the Visitor’s Center on Washington street so that she could snap a couple of photos Mississippi River Bridge; and then a trip to within a half-mile from her house where she says that she first spotted the unicorn.

Cristy, who was more than a little confused at the woman’s driving directions, parked the truck and got her camera from Samantha, who was keeping a watchful eye on the informant.  The three women departed the safety of the truck and went hiking into the wooded area in an attempt to discover whether the informant was telling the truth.

Cristy, who was reminding herself of the safety instructions delivered to her from Sheriff Martin Pace, clicked her heels together three times to make sure that she could do so in the dense vegetation.  After a long walk through the woods, they came upon a clearing and saw a sight that can only be described as awe-inspiring.  The informant had been absolutely correct in her information.

Standing before them was the fabled unicorn.  Cristy remembered Sheriff Pace’s request and ensured that the resolution was set high enough to determine whether stardust actually falls around unicorns.  We’ll leave that determination up to you.  The unicorn patiently waited while Cristy made all the proper adjustments to her camera and was able to aim her lens for the perfect photograph.

When asked about their reaction to the photo, the Vicksburg Daily News staff had mixed reactions.

Gary Pruitt: “I just can’t believe it.  I know that Cristy took the photo and I know that it’s undoctored but I still can’t bring myself to wrap my brain around the fact that unicorns actually exist!”

Tina Cole:  “It doesn’t surprise me.  It really doesn’t.  We should not be questioning our ancestors claims that they existed then and we should not ever question them again.  Here’s proof.”

Nicholas Becker: “Narf?”

Tabatha Ann Bradley: “Oh my!”

Paul Ott Carruth: “You know that there’s a $2,000 reward from Listen to the Eagle for proof of a black panther, right.  I don’t know about unicorns though!”

When we sent the photo to TruthSeekers, David Childers called and went into a tirade. “How in the world did you do this. I got into paranormal investigations for the specific purpose of proving that this unicorn exists. All the training… all the work.. and some yahoo who calls herself a reporter goes on a joyride with some crazy chick and pulls this off. I can’t freaking believe it. I quit. My life is meaningless and I can’t see any point in continuing my work. Thanks a lot Vicksburg Daily News. I hate you!”

Sorry, David.

Here are some more of the photos.

Ok… here’s the REAL scoop. Cristy’s best friend Lindsey saw this one-horned goat a couple of months ago and called us. We thought it was the perfect story for April Fool’s Day and decided to go grab a photo.

Cristy and Samantha went out and picked up Lindsey and were guided to the whereabouts of the goat. The camera went click and the photo was captured.

That’s not anywhere near as interesting as the story above, is it? Nope… we agree… not at all.

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  1. Brought a smile to my face. Fun to read.

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    Too cute!! I heart it!!

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