2 Victims Airlifted to UMC in ‘Good Condition’ After Claiborne Wreck

A three vehicle accident occurred on Saturday night on Fisher Ferry Road. Three people involved in the accident were hospitalized and at least two of them, Dustin and Jesse Stokes, who were air-lifted to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, remain there at this time.

A spokesperson with UMMC said that the two patients are listed in “good condition.”

We spoke with Claiborne County Sheriff Frank Davis earlier this morning who said that he is awaiting more information from his investigators, who are still working on gathering details and reconstructing the accident scene at this time. What Sheriff Davis was able to tell us is preliminary, but it appears that the one vehicle left the road and then re-entered the roadway causing the accident.

It has been reported that when the accident was first reported, AMR ambulances were too far away from the scene and Vicksburg first responders were requested to provide mutual aid. It took a little more than one hour to free everyone from the wreckage of the vehicles.

As stated, there were three people transported from the scene, one by ground and two by air.

We are awaiting further updates from the Claiborne County Sheriff’s Department.

2 Comments on "2 Victims Airlifted to UMC in ‘Good Condition’ After Claiborne Wreck"

  1. VicksburgMRS | April 12, 2011 at 7:54 AM |

    Probably should check definites before your report…There were 2 by air and 2 by ground sent to UMC. 4 of the victims of the wreck were in UMC, with one released Sunday. It’s not always “hear-say”.

    • We were reporting what we were told by officials who, as we stated, did not have all the details available to them at the time. We are currently conducting a follow-up investigation into the matter.

      We apologize for the error. Thank you for setting the record straight.

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