Lillian’s: “Dadgum, That was Good”

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Several days ago I stopped by one of the newest restaurants in Vicksburg, Lillian’s, for a nice chat with Peter Borello, the owner. As Peter toured me around and talked about his menu, I got more and more hungry and more and more interested in what he was saying.

Enough with the talk and all the teasing with the lengthy description of the lasagna! Thursday night I dropped in, only this time it was to eat. My friend and I decided to split a meal and, with such generous portions, we were glad we decided to share.

Lillian's Logo OnlyWe started with an appetizer of crab cakes and remoulade. The crab cakes were light and perfectly cooked. Peter said he uses panko bread crumbs for the breading. They were delicious and then, well, then I tasted the remoulade and I told my dining companion, “if this is made in house, it should be bottled and sold.” As if on cue, Peter showed up and said he made the remoulade. Oh, it was good..I asked for another serving and ate it, too. Whatever you order, ask for some remoulade.

The veal piccata with angel hair pasta was the entree we shared. Again, perfectly cooked. The angel hair pasta had a light garlic butter sauce with a sprinkling of capers, which gave it a bit of a salty zing periodically. It was a good balance with the veal. I would definitely order this again. The meal was served with Gambino’s nice, soft French bread and 3 choices of soft butter. If you have never had Gambino’s French bread, you are in for a treat.

Then, the crowning glory! Dessert, New Orleans style…bread pudding with rum sauce. We had to wait a few minutes for the rum sauce to be made. Wait…was it rum sauce or whiskey sauce…I don’t know but it was worth the wait, well worth the wait and had no heavy liquor taste. Thank goodness we also split the dessert because it was enough for 3 people. We ate all of it. Every last morsel and I wanted more. I was stuffed but I wanted more of that dadgum bread puddin’.

(Editor’s Note:  The bread pudding is made in the traditional New Orleans style using a bourbon-based sauce to compliment the dish.)

Good job, Peter! I will be back. I will order other items on your menu. I will ALWAYS want that dadgum bread puddin’. Dadgum….that was good!